CPA Debate – Gerda Moolman

The Commonwealth of Nations, normally referred to as the Commonwealth and formerly known as the British Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental, multination organisation of 54 independent member states. All members of the Commonwealth except Mozambique and Rwanda were part of the British Empire, out of which the Commonwealth was developed.

CPA Debate – Ismail Obaray

Speaker, I would challenge ANY MPL here to say they did not learn anything from their interaction with other Members in the CPA.

It is just simply impossible to say that. We have interacted with people who on many occasions opened my mind to not only the challenges faced by them in their respective countries, but also to the limitless number of ideas and interventions available to us to solve these problems.

2012 Closing Debate (A. Louw)

Whilst traditionally I have tended to end the year by reflecting on both the highlights and the lowlights of the past 12 months, I am regretfully of the view that this year, in the Northern Cape, the negatives have by far outshone the positives. Hon. Speaker, the truth hurts, but ignoring reality destroys. My words today may thus be harsh but if I were to soften the blow, I would not be doing this House any favours, and I would most definitely not be doing justice to the people of the Northern Cape, who have entrusted me with a very important oversight role.

2012 Closing Debate – H. McGluwa

Hon Speaker what a year it has been for South Africa. 2012 has shown us the good, the bad, the ugly, and indeed the very ugly. 2012 has been a year of great prosperity for some, and a year of great misery for many of our fellow South Africans. Indeed 2012 has produced quite the mixed bag of results and outcomes.

Debate On World Aids Day – H .Mcgluwa

I stand before you today and proudly declare that I am positive! Speaker I am positive that we as a country have come a long way in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. I am positive Honourable Members that the dark days of AIDS denialism are finally behind us. I am positive that we finally have a National Health Minister who accepts the responsibility on his shoulders, and believes that through a systematic, and scientific approach, we as a country can halt the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Debate On Worlds Aids Day – Gerda Moolman

In die tagtigs toe HIV/Vigs nog ‘n doodvonnis was het ‘n gerespekteerde sakeman op ‘n besigheidsbesoek na New York vertrek. Die aand was die restaurant vol en ‘n pragtige sjarmante dame het hom gevra of sy sy tafel met hom kon deel aangesien al die tafels beset was.

Die een ding het na die ander gelei en heeltemal teen sy aard het hy die dame na sy kamer genooi. Die volgende oggend toe hy wakker word was die dame weg. Op die spieël in die badkamer het sy met rooi lipstiffie geskryf “welcome to the Aids club, you got it the same way I did”.

Debate On Universal Children’s Day – A. Grootboom

“When you educate a child, you educate the future” – Allen Grootboom . By child(ren) I refer to human beings aged between 3 and 15 years who are still dependent on parents or guardians. Although the year 2015 is target for achieving the goals, there are still wide ranging factors that infringe on children’s rights such as basic education, HIV, water shortage, mortality, poor sanitation, child labour and a lack of immunization as well as outright poverty. In all these global issues which include conflict of every nature, the children suffer most.

Debate On International Children’s Day – Obaray

We call them cute, they giggle uncontrollably, they believe in dragons, spaceships and that they have imaginary friends, of-course I’m talking about children. We all know one, maybe even have one, or if not, have all been one ourselves. The common ground we all share across the political spectrum is the need to protect the rights of children.

Debate On 16 Days Activism Campaign

Dit is met n swaar gemoed dat ek vandag deelneem aan die debat van 16 dae van aktivisme vir geen geweld teen vroue en kinders. As die ANC beheerde regering nie eers n basiese diens soos water toevoer na die hoofstad van die provinsie op n konstante basis kan lewer nie en duidelik sukkel om pype en pompe te instaleer en in stand te hou , dan is daar definitief nie die kapasiteit om n komplekse probleem soos geweld teen vroue en kinders aan te spreek nie.

Women’s Month Debate

Vandag bring die Demokratiese Alliansie ‘n huldeblyk aan die vroue wat op die 9 de Augustus 1956 na die Unie Geboue opgeruk het. Die optog, was ‘n reuse sukses en het sy essensiële doelwit, naamlik die reg van vroue ten opsigte van politieke deelname, bereik. Maar is ons regtig ernstig as dit kom by die bereiking van ons doelwit ten opsigte van vroue en die oplossing van probleme wat vroue vandag 9 Augustus 2012 in die gesig staar?

Debate : Office Of The Premier Budget (Vote 1)

Ultimately, this office must be the engine room of all internal government processes so that other departments can focus on delivery at the coalface. In this respect, the Democratic Alliance notices and appreciates determined efforts to internally strengthen the Office of the Premier in the Northern Cape.